Friday, June 29, 2007

Old prints going on Etsy now too...

Since I have a coupla prints left over from when I did Photography en mass, I thought I would clear those out, too. So they will start appearing in my
Etsy shop
. I have no immediate plans to make any more of these although I do still have the negatives around. I have no resourcce for running more prints, tho.
The prints are all done in the ACTUAL darkroom! Woah. And have absolutely NO digital fixings at all involved in either the image or the printing. We are talking actual film (35mm), negative and printing.
All the animals in my photos died naturally (considering being run over by a car is natural). I have not to my knowledge ever killed an animal. I did hit a bird once in my car, but it flew away.
So, that said, go check them out!

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