Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I got some stuff from the kiln...

SO I got a bunch of stuff outta the kiln, but... I am SO disappointed in what it looks like. I usually use a cone 10 firing (2350 degrees F) but since I no longer have access to that kiln, I have had to use an alternative one. This kiln only goes up to cone 5 (2230 degrees) and, can I tell you what a difference that extra 120 degrees makes! dang. I had no idea. The top is what rutille looks like when fired to cone 10. Rather impressive, huh? The bottom image is what cone 5 does to cobalt and rutille oxides. I think I will be needed to get a kiln that goes to cone 10. I had wanted to save the energy that is needed for reaching cone 10, but if I don't like the result, what is the point?

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