Thursday, October 18, 2007

Vase coins in my Etsy shop!

What are vase coins? they are little ceramic tokens wiht neat little designs on them. They go into your clear vase to make thigns looks nice and nifty. You can also trade them with friends and slip them inot someone's pocket. Or maybe your friend's car, or on a birthday cake or glue them to your forhead. So many options! yipee! Find them at my
shop on
this page.


Taurus said...

I'm so happy to find your site. I purchased one of your Owlcats and a handful of transfers at an art fair in Alameda about 7 years or so ago. They've been hanging on my various walls ever since. I'm looking forward to buying more. Glad to see you're still working.

skeletaldropkick said...

Yay! glad you found me! I am going to school and my poor art is suffering for it :) I am still plugging away and am loving ceramics... I will have more ceramics up soon. Thanks for visiting :)